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OutSystems has been transforming and digitizing organizations all around the globe with OutSystems Modern Apps. It’s a transformation we all watch, applaud, and, more importantly, we are a part of it!
At Noesis, we count on a highly specialized team working for world-leading companies, delivering incredible apps in such a short timeline. 
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Noesis is one of the oldest OutSystems partners, with over 250 certifications and 150+ consultants. We go beyond Low-Code, offering a fully integrated service and connecting all-around experience to deliver higher quality and better results to our clients.

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Noesis developed three web applications and two mobile apps for Steinweg – SOLAR

Steinweg, SOLAR - a platform suite that entails various logistical functions
SOLAR replaces a 30-year-old application with security, usability, and maintainability issues and represents a firm step toward renewing the Steinweg Application landscape.
Learn more about SOLAR, a flexible and straightforward platform for logistics administration systems that standardize managing goods through all Steinweg locations.
Discover the challenges, objectives, and results of this project and the main features of SOLAR through the Case Study.

Case Study SOLAR

Low code based Digital Revolution on Govern d'Andorra

Govern d´Andorra has initiated the journey to fully digitalization.
The initial challenge was to build four applications in four months to provide functionality covering multiple and essential needs.
With around 77.500 people, Andorra felt the need to move into a digital reality, improve their services to the citizens, and offer powerful performance tools to ease and optimize their employee's work to the community.
Read the Case Study and learn more about the project from Noesis and Altia on Govern D'Andorra.
Case Study Andorra

EDP | An OutSystems based platform to revolutionize everyday services

Easy4U centralizes request services, increasing efficiency and access to information and improving internal communication. 
This platform allows real-time updates and integration with other applications, including EDP Approve, also developed by Noesis using OutSystems to simplify the process of approving/rejecting internal requests on the web and mobile.

Read the Case Study and learn more about this transforming project. 

EDP Easy4u