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Customer Experience Virtual Brunch

September 23 | Now available on demand

Ready to revolutionize your customer experience?

As competition grows, customer experience assumes a key role in business success. 
Market top players are making great use of AI-based technologies to stay on top of the game.
Conversational AI bots, digital experience platforms, or digital signature features are game-changing elements in customer satisfaction and business conversion rates.
Join the event and learn the main CX tendencies, strategies, and solutions companies are implementing.

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Customer Experience Virtual Brunch

10:00 | Welcome & Intro: Understanding Your Customers’ Journey
Speakers: Ricardo Rocha (Noesis) & Rodolfo Luís Pereira (Noesis)
10:15 | Roundtable: Personalized Customer Service: How to Deliver and Drive Loyalty? 
Moderator: Pedro Caria (Noesis)
Speakers: Fernando Maia (Advance Care) | Manuel Pinto (Tranquilidade) | Sérgio Martinho (Lusitania)
In this roundtable, invited organizations will share their experience in adopting customer experience solutions based on personalization and improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.
10:35 | Keynote: Customer Journey Use Case
Speakers: Rodolfo Luís Pereira (Noesis)
A real demo and an integrated view of the customer journey, step by step. Its interactions with the various digital touchpoints. From interacting with a bot to the website, subscribing to the service using a digital signature ensures the centralization of information and a true Omnichannel strategy.
11:00 | Customer Experience Breakout Rooms
During the event, choose one of the demos below:
  • Personalization and CMS, powered by Sitefinity®, with Kamen Damyanov (Progress® Sitefinity®)
  • Bots and Conversational AI, with João Mascarenhas (Noesis)
  • Dynamics 365, with Miguel Oliveira (Microsoft) e Abel Espírito Santo (Noesis)
  • Sitecore Digital Experience Platform, with Pedro Luís (Noesis)
  • Power BI, with Telma Ramos (Noesis)
    11:25 | Roundtable: Workflow Optimization: Bringing Processes to Life
    Moderator: Ricardo Magalhães (Noesis)
    Speakers: Bruno Marques (Microsoft) | Tiago Gregório (Noesis)
    Discover how organizations improve their processes and optimize workflows through digital solutions such as dematerialization, process automation, AI bots, and digital signatures.
    11:50 | E-commerce: How to improve online purchase paths?
    Speakers: Giulio Raffaele (IDC Europe)
    IDC will share its global perspective on the key technology and business challenges and trends that drive the execution of e-commerce strategies in the retail industry. During the presentation, IDC will provide insights on what are the key applications, customer journey models, operational models, technology infrastructure models, and industry collaborations that enable retail companies to optimize the benefits of e-commerce.
    12:10 | Closing Keynotes
    Speakers: Ricardo Rocha (Noesis)

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