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The ideal solution for optimising the management of Social Support Institutions.

4Donations supports fundraising, promotes social awareness and improves the efficiency of social support organizations.

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Azure and Dynamics 365

4Donations is based on a service-oriented architecture that takes advantage of the latest technological innovations for Cloud Services. Noesis selected Microsoft as a technology partner, opting for the Cloud offer in Azure and Dynamics 365 services.


Development of a technology architecture which requires less investment and enables increased scalability, and can be adapted to the needs of each NGO.
4Donations can increase donor retention by 10%, maximizes awareness and boosts the efficiency of our constituents operations, decreasing donor acquisition by 8%.

Our Clients

Using the latest generation technology, 4Donations was specifically developed to help social support organizations optimize their operations, and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of fund raising campaigns. 4Donations is also the ideal solution for promoting social awareness of the causes most in need of everyone's support.
Miguel Louro,
Senior Manager, Enterprise Solutions
Miguel Louro
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