Lisbon Data and AI Forum

Lisbon Data & AI Forum

October 27 and 28 | now available on-demand

The event of reference in Data & AI is back for the 5th edition

The Lisbon Data & AI Forum is an event organized by Noesis in collaboration with Qlik.
In 2021, we will hold a fantastic event that will bring relevant topics such as Data Analytics & AI, Security in Data, Machine Learning, and Process Mining.
Through a panel of worldwide recognized professionals, Noesis and Qlik will bring you new insights on Data Analytics & AI today's most relevant topics.
Watch the event and enter a data-driven future!

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The 2020 edition 

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Lisbon Data & AI Forum 

  • October 27
  • October 28
09:30 | Welcome Keynote
Speaker: Ricardo Rocha (Noesis)

09:40 | Keynote | Data Literacy: Why it Matters to Your Business? 
Speakers: Luís Gonçalves (Noesis); Fran Rodríguez (Qlik)

09:55 | Roundtable: A Data-driven Approach to the Pandemic
Moderator: Bruno Santos (Noesis)
Speakers: Paulo Nunes (Abreu Advogados); Rodrigo Teixeira (Novartis)

10:30 | Demo: Advanced Analytics Integration with Qlik
Speaker: Renato Vieira (Qlik)

11:15 | Roundtable: How can Organizations Protect and innovate with Data
Speakers: Bruno Horta Soares (IDC); Eliano Marques (Protegrity), Pedro Lopes (Noesis)

11:45 | Roundtable: Heading towards a Data-driven Decision Future
Moderator: Henrique Carreiro (IT Insight)
Speakers: Gabriel Coimbra (IDC), Guilherme Ramos Pereira (DSPA)

12:20 | Closing 
Speaker: Ricardo Rocha (Noesis)
09:30 | Welcome Keynote
Speaker: Ricardo Rocha (Noesis)

09:40 | Mastering Your Data Journey 
Fran Rodriguez (Qlik)

10:15 | Roundtable: Role of Data Integration in Data Analytics
Moderator: Pedro Caria (Noesis)
Speaker: Nuno Abreu (Unilever FIMA); Pedro Tavares (eBUPi)

10:50 | Keynote | Machine Learning in Real Problems
Speakers: Pedro Lopes (Noesis); Rui Ramos (Super Bock Group)

11:10 | Keynote | The Power of Process Mining
Speaker: Tiago Gregório (Noesis)

11:30 | Roundtable: Future Process Optimization
Moderator: Tiago Gregório (Noesis)
Speakers: Filipe Morla (Mota-Egil); Helder Ferreira (E-Redes); Hugo Pontes (Credibom); Ricardo Henriques (EDP Comercial)

12:05 | Closing 
Speakers: Ricardo Rocha (Noesis); Luís Gonçalves (Noesis); Pedro Garcia (Qlik)


Lisbon Data & AI Forum

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