• <p>Micro Focus Summit</p>

    Micro Focus Summit

    Noesis at Micro Focus Summit

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  • <p><strong>Webinar Big Data</strong></p>

    Webinar Big Data

    Webinar Big Data available!

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  • <p><strong>Qlik Sense Tour 2018</strong></p>

    Qlik Sense Tour 2018

    Noesis took Qlik Sense Tour 2018 to Oporto

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  • <h2><span>Noesis and Celonis at SAP NOW Lisboa</span></h2>

    Noesis and Celonis at SAP NOW Lisboa

    Conferences and Meetings

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  • <h2><strong>Webinar GDPR: Walk the Talk</strong></h2>

    Webinar GDPR: Walk the Talk

    Get the answers to your questions!

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  • <h2><strong>Sitecore: the Future of Marketing is Digital</strong></h2>

    Sitecore: the Future of Marketing is Digital

    Conferences and Meetings

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  • <p><strong><strong>OutSystems </strong>Partner of the Year: Noesis at NextStep Lisbon, Utrecht and Chicago<span><br /></span></strong></p>

    OutSystems Partner of the Year: Noesis at NextStep Lisbon, Utrecht and Chicago

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  • <p><strong><span>Noesis presents an automated testing solution at Testing Portugal 2017 </span></strong></p>

    Noesis presents an automated testing solution at Testing Portugal 2017

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  • <p>Lisbon BI Forum: <span>Specialists foresee the future of BI</span></p>

    Lisbon BI Forum: Specialists foresee the future of BI

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  • <h2><strong>2017: A year of success</strong></h2>

    2017: A year of success

    Conferences & Meetings 2017

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  • Quality Management
    Quality Management

    NOESIS are the Leading Provider of Independent Software Testing Services in the Portuguese market through their Quality Management department.

  • Business Intelligence
    Business Intelligence

    The Business Intelligence area stands out for its strong skills in Analytics and Data Discovery through the adoption of new generation Business Intelligence technology.

  • Infrastructure Solutions
    Infrastructure Solutions

    Infrastructure Solutions include Storage, Database and Application Platforms Solutions. Cloud and IT Automation Solutions ensure we are considered Trend Setters not followers.

  • Agile Solutions
    Agile Solutions

    Agile Solutions is focused on the supply of computer systems that use rapid development tools to quickly deliver web and mobile applications to support our clients.

  • Enterprise Solutions
    Enterprise Solutions

    Enterprise Solutions is focused on global processes and information management concepts which allow for a centralised and responsible approach.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning
    Enterprise Resource Planning

    Enterprise Resource Planning offers services in SAP technologies, applying methodology-based practices and ensuring the service level that suit the clients needs most adequately.

  • Professional Services
    Professional Services

    The Professional Services area counts on highly specialised consultants in key business areas to support our clients requests.

Case Study

NOESIS automates AbbVie’s business processes

The use of QlikView and the implementation of Insights – an information management product for the QlikView platform developed by NOESIS.

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Case Study

NOESIS improves Portal of the Portuguese Association of Insurers

APS (Associação Portuguesa de Seguradoras) has a modern, flexible and swift Portal, designed to position itself as one of the preferred contact points with all those who interact with APS, externally and internally.

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NOESIS Products

  • ntx

    ntx - ngine testing experience is a solution that simplifies test automation in an intuitive, fast and versatile way. Business clients can now optimize the time to market of a solution while reducing costs and the overall development cycle.

  • n.hybrid

    Noesis’ Hybrid Cloud in a Box offers all the benefits of a true hybrid cloud solution, with easy integration and usability. A fully functional cloud platform that offers a ready to use Self Service Catalog and a complete automated Service Lifecycle management.

  • 4Assets

    4Assests offers full centralisation and control of all physical assets, which allows for adjusting availability against business needs, ensuring a more effective and profitable management solution.

  • 4Donations

    Noesis’ 4Donations is a tool to manage and standardize Fundraising, Supporter Care, Advocacy and Volunteering actions of global and complex NGOs. Using Marketing Automation and Social Engagement techniques, 4Donations increases funding opportunities, maximizes awareness and boosts the efficiency of our constituents operations.

  • 4 Contracts
    4 Contracts

    4 Contracts offers standardisation and management control of contracts, allowing for monitoring incentives and integrating finance and invoicing control systems.

  • insights NAV
    insights NAV

    Insights NAV is an information management product based on the Qlikview platform which allows for centralising all information in NAVISION, presenting it in a simple, quick and intuitive manner.

  • insights SAP
    insights SAP

    Insights SAP is an information management product based on the qlikview platform which allows for centralising all SAP BUSINESS ONE information, presenting it in a simple, quick and intuitive manner.

  • e-val

    Noesis’ performance evaluation system uses the best practices and the most advanced models of 360º evaluation, where everybody evaluates everyone, simultaneously weighting behavioural factors against the goals achieved.

  • t-xpenses

    Noesis' expense and time management system allows for maintaining a healthy balance between the level of control needed and the ease in the execution of this type of task by the employees

  • r-source

    Noesis' recruitment management system eliminates repetitive tasks by standardising the complete registration and evaluation process of applicants, allowing those in charge of hiring to quickly access the structured information.