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Guarantee excellent migration

Use Sharegate to guarantee excellent migration of your content to the cloud with optimum flexibility and security.

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Migrate all types of content in an automated manner

Sharegate lets you migrate all types of content between Sharepoint versions - Sharepoint Online being one of them. The great advantage is being able to migrate from previous versions to more recent ones in a controlled, automated manner, while creating operational control statistics for the migrations.

Efficient Management

Ensure the efficient management of your platforms, and access to information whenever and wherever you want it, flexibly and securely.

Put your business on the cloud with Sharegate. This platform ensures the flexible, secure and efficient migration of content. Access the insights you need, any time, anywhere, with reduced operating costs, and the possibility of resolving any issues in real time.
Miguel Louro,
Senior Manager, Noesis
Miguel Louro
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