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Maximize the value of your business with SAP technologies. Accelerate the pace of the digital transformation of your organization.

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Key points

Enhanced Performance

Eliminate data redundancy and disk latency.

Flexible Deployment

Select the most suitable adoption scenario, on premise or in the cloud.

Advanced Processing

Access to predictive and simulation features.

Simplified Data Model

No indices, aggregations or data redundancy.

Improved User Experience

Benefit from intuitive, responsive personalised user interfaces.

Reduce the Time to Market

Plan and implement changes to your IT landscape.

Speed up your Business Processes

Can be implemented on premise or in the cloud: SAP HANA is a in-memory data platform that speeds up business processes, provides analytical capabilities and simplifies the IT environment.

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Personalised Digital Experience

SAP S/4HANA is the next generation of the SAP ERP business suite. Built on SAP HANA and implemented in the cloud or on premise, it enables a user experience that is customized with SAP Fiori.

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