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Power BI

Discover one of the Analytics tools that best meets the requirements of organizations, bringing a whole new dimension to your business insights: Microsoft Power BI.

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Key Points


Benefit from a Flexible Platform

Microsoft is a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms. The self-service analytics features offered by Power BI mean that organizations can use a flexible architecture which that integrates with existing tools and is easy to use.

Getting the Insights you Need

Guaranteed features include modelling, analysing and checking business insights, while maintaining the security and governance levels required by expanding organizations.

Noesis Impact

With Power BI, decision making is easier. Microsoft's Analytics platform provides access to hundreds of data sources and offers numerous analysis options, transforming high volumes of data into strategic insights for organisations. Access dynamic dashboards securely and in real time, find the answers you need to improve your organization's performance.
Carlos Lisboa,
Manager, Noesis
Carlos Lisboa
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