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Easy, accessible and intuitive, the InsightsCASH solution allows you to extract added value from your Sage implementation.

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Key points

Data Display

InsightsCASH provides centralization of dispersed databases to facilitate searching and information analysis.

Rapid implementation

The InsightsCASH solution is based on BI QlikView platform, and is quick to implement.

Expandable Architecture

Add companies, exchange rates and languages according to the size of your business, with no extra cost.


Ability to work with different currencies.


Increases the security and protection of critical data.

24/7 Accessibility

Access whenever you want, regardless of location or device type.


Based on BI QlikView platform, a leading tool in Gartner quadrant, InsightsCASH collects data from the Sage XRT Cash Management module and transforms it into information with numerous analysis and data cross-checking options.

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It is the ideal solution for cash flow analysis.

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