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Ngine Testing Experience

ntx - Ngine Testing Experience simplifies the test automation process in an intuitive, fast and versatile way, which means that you can optimise the time-to-market for a solution while reducing costs in your overall development cycle. The tool doesn´t require technical people to implement automation batteries as well as it easily adapts to the specific needs of each market sector.

Benefits of obtaining this tool:

Automation Types Supported

NTX supports mobile automation (iOS and Android), Web automation (Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Chrome), REST, SOAP, SAP automation and can automate all the other technologies (such as Windows applications, mainframe, db2, Siebel, and so on) with image recognition automation.

Tests Tips

NTX Test Management Integrations

NTX is fully integrated with several test management tools (Xray, Zephyr, Azure DevOps and Microfocus ALM). The automated tests are created in NTX and automatically saved in these test management tools, as well as all test results.

Test Management Integrations

NTX Other Integrations

NTX can execute mobile tests in real mobile devices locally or in the ones available in SauceLabs. In NTX is possible to create a service where the user has the possibility to choose the tests to execute. This service can be invoked by CI/CD tools like Jenkins, and used in a CI/CD pipeline. It’s possible, via NTX, the specification and execution of API Testing in REST and SOAP services.

Others Integrations

Test automation in OutSystems applications

When you create an application on the OutSystems platform, objects that are created (text boxes, buttons, comboboxes, etc.) can have dynamic identifiers if the Developer doesn't provide a unique property for those objects. This algorithm, specific to Outsystems, verifies that the application is developed in OutSystems, and in this case NTX will obtain the objects by following the rules of the algorithm, allowing their reuse, while drastically reducing the maintenance time of test automation scripts.
ntx and Outsystems


We ensure the competitiveness of organizations through an intuitive, fast and versatile solution.

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