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With 4Assets you ensure intelligent management of the entire life cycle of assets, reducing up to 75% the time to detect deficiencies and up to 90% the number of incidents that cause product loss.

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Key points

360º asset management

View the behavior of your assets live. 4Assets ensures the intelligent management of your organization.

Predictive Maintenance

Based on Machine Learning technology, 4Assets enables a smart maintenance and repair model.

Reduced operating costs

Eliminate redundant practices and superfluous processes, ensuring greater organization efficiency and better return on investment.

Speed of response

React in a timely manner.

Improved decision making

Facilitates decision making, focusing on centralized process management.

Centralized management

Ensure integrated management of asset approval, movement, maintenance and repair processes, as well as SLA application management in a single platform.


4Assets relies on a service-oriented architecture, leveraging the latest technology innovations in Cloud Services. Noesis chose Microsoft as technology partner, opting for the Azure Cloud offering and Dynamics 365 services.

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Development of a technology architecture that reduces up to 75% of the time to detect deficiencies and up to 90% the number of incidents that cause product loss, and increases the number of operating hours in the life cycle of the asset by 13%.

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