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Quality Management


Portuguese market leaders in Software Quality Services, we have the most innovative solutions to help organizations accelerate towards digital transformation.

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Key points

Leaders in Software Quality Services

Improve the quality of your software products. We invest continuously in R&D and provide the latest tools and technologies.

Qualified Teams

Our experts have wide-ranging expertise and knowledge in different business areas.

Quality Management

Guarantee the highest return on investment. We promote a culture of quality, which ensures greater productivity and efficiency for organizations.

Noesis Testing Experience

Modern Buildings represents Software Quality Assurance

Software Quality Assurance

Our innovative Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions, process definition, quality and regulatory support frameworks ensure a quality culture throughout the entire lifecycle of software development.

Result:  We contribute toward a culture of quality for our clients and their solutions.

Green pedestrian traffic light represents the effectiveness, accuracy and risk reduction of test procedures

Test Management

We have an independent test certification service. Services we offer our clients include: defining a testing and metrics strategy, performing safety tests, checking and validating modifications to software and monitoring fault management processes.

Result:  We assure the effectiveness, accuracy and risk reduction of test procedures.

People Working with Computers represents our qualified team

Experience and certification

With over 20 decades in the Quality Management market and a 100% certified team, we demonstrate a vast knowledge of business, technology and every test scenario.

Result: We raise the quality levels of organizations, and add value to their business.

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Quality by Design

The development and launch of customer-focused software and applications is an increasing challenge, especially for large organizations that have to deal with a complex network of modern technologies alongside legacy systems and resources. Meet the White Paper prepared by IDC.

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