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Low-Code Solutions

We build your applications faster, much faster

Using rapid development platforms like OutSystems and agile methodology, we develop web and mobile applications that are revolutionizing the business world.

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Noesis Experience

The pillars of our success



Developing transparent action plans, a defined team structure and having a focus on ongoing training ensures that best practices and methodologies are applied to each project.

Result: We guarantee the agility of processes and successful solutions.



The focus of our team is to design the solution that best suits the client, regardless of the technology used.
We work in close proximity with the product teams of OutSystems and actively collaborate in their continuous improvement, with a particular emphasis on the integration of external testing tools, automation and artificial intelligence.

Result: We develop agile, customizable solutions, such as mobile apps and web portals.

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We believe people make the difference, which is why we invest in ongoing training. Our teams are prepared to lead digital transformation in the different markets and geographies where we operate.

Result: We use knowledge, safety, agility and assertiveness to respond to challenges.

Our clients

abreu advogados
alcatel lucent
ald automotive
luz saúde

Noesis EDP
A platform to revolutionize everyday services
Noesis Low-Code Solutions business unit developed a platform that is replacing an obsolete facility management tool and allowing for the growth and expansion of the EDP's internal service catalogue.
Noesis develops a web and mobile portal
Noesis’ team of Agile Solutions developed a new B2B portal for Prio, available on the web and mobile, optimising communication with partners and improving the experience of the end customer.
Noesis creates a customised application for assessment
Hovione chose Noesis and the OutSystems Agile Platform to create a new customised application to support the existing performance assessment system.
Noesis optimises the performance assessment system
To hasten the process of assessment of Human Resources, Noesis’ team of Agile Solutions developed a solid application for performance management.
Noesis improves the portal’s performance and usability
Noesis’ team of OutSystems realigned the portal of Associação Portuguesa de Seguradores [Portuguese Insurers Association], to facilitate, guide and expedite the different daily activities.
Autorizo a Noesis a enviar-me informação comercial sobre produtos e serviços da Noesis e dos seus Parceiros.

Our partners

Noesis is one of OutSystems best partners. A highly skilled team with experience delivering complex projects to exacting clients, Noesis has a strong reputation for both excellent service and platform expertise. We never hesitate to bring them into projects or refer customers to them.
Shiri Friedman,
Director, Partner Marketing, OutSystems
Shiri Friedman
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