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Infrastructure Solutions

IT as value creator

Shifting the role to a business value creator. As a result of our continuous focus on innovation, our solutions meet the demands of business by supporting IT initiatives and operations.

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A new technological approach

The foundations for your digital transformation

IT Management

IT Management

For organisations to be efficient, IT must be automated. IT Management area provides solutions dedicated to hybrid or multi-cloud environments, service and configuration management. The solutions bellow have an automation capacity that enables higher service quality and efficiency, reducing service breakdowns.

Result: We help organizations focus on their evolution.

- IT Advanced Monitoring

- IT Service Management

- Data Center Automation

- Application Performance Management

- IT Analytics

Engineering Solutions

Engineering Solutions

Our solutions are designed to be aligned with our customers' needs. Engineering Solutions are characterized by a strong performance, resiliency and stability, adjusting to the fast pace of data growth.

Result: Our solutions provide optimum efficiency and reliability and guarantee the best quality to organisations.

- Data Management

- Data Protection

- Disaster Recovery

- Storage

- Converged Infrastructures

Cloud & Datacentre Operations

Cloud & Datacentre Operations

Our management services for public or hybrid Cloud computing solutions make it possible to manage technological services and transform them into accessible and flexible solutions that are more flexible and offer easier access to information, along with enhanced security.
The service management offer enables the management of complex tasks, such as data backup, cybersecurity and infrastructure management.

Result: Optimization of TCO, ROI, reduced energy, hardware and management costs, and enhanced security.

- Cloud Solutions

- Data Management Solutions

- Infrastructure Management

- Technical Operations

Network & Security

Network & Security

The entire business of organizations must be characterised by security - from apps and data to users. We have an ongoing commitment to innovation to anticipate, detect and deal with increasingly frequent "cyber attacks", quickly and effectively.

Result: Our security strategy ensures the protection of data, assets and of the entire network of organizations, taking into account their requirements.

- Network-Centric Security

- Device-Centric Security

- User-Centric Security

- Application-Centric Security

- Data-Centric Security

Platform Management

Platform Management

Our platform management services allow you to optimize the performance and availability of application platforms, ensuring more transparent IT services, simplifying administration and systems support, executing migration projects, changing and evolving application solutions, providing consultancy and implementing high availability (HA) solutions and business continuity (DR).

Result: We improve the reliability and performance of organizations.

- SAP Basis

- OutSystems

- Microsoft

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White Paper: The importance of being prepared for the GDPR

GDPR appears to be an opportunity for companies to focus on a safety strategy, accelerate their digital transformation and place their customers at the heart of their businesses. Download this White Paper and see how well prepared for GDPR compliance your company is.

White Paper Background

In a context where all organizations are focused on their own reinvention as players in a new digital ecosystem, we have to reinvent the way our Infrastructure responds to new challenges. Resilience, Agility, Scalability and Security are critical requirements for a Hybrid Infrastructure paradigm.
José Pereira,
Director, Noesis
José Pereira
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