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Cloud Solutions and AI based Cybersecurity Solutions

Rely on a team of experts both in Cloud and Cybersecurity. Noesis' Cybersecurity solutions are built with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning embedded. 

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Cloud Solutions
Our management services in public or hybrid Cloud computing solutions allow the management of technological services, making solutions accessible and flexible, with greater elasticity and easier access to information, with high security. Service management allows the management of complex tasks such as data backup, cybersecurity and infrastructure management.
Result: optimization of TCO, ROI, Reduction of energy costs, hardware and management, and greater security.
Cloud Solutions
Intelligent Monitoring
Intelligent Monitoring
Cyber-crime has been hugely growing in quantity, complexity, and diversity and cyber-attack have to anticipate and overcome cyber-threats in a ground-breaking way. At Noesis, our IT Security experts implement disruptive solutions based on AI. Darktrace's cybersecurity platform, built with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning embedded, allows us to implement a solution able to detect threats in real-time.
Our solutions include self-learning AI engines, AI autonomous decision-making engine, Cyber AI Analyst capability which automate the threat triage and investigation process. 
Result: a better and timely action upon any security misconfiguration, increased visibility and ability to deal with emerging anomalous activities before they escalate, a safer and trusted environment, resources optimization, technology that adapts to any changing environment.


Privileged Access Management
PAM has been evolving, representing, today, not only Privileged Access Management but also a set of cyber security strategies for exerting control over elevated access and permissions for users, accounts, and processes. It determines which people and systems can access a privileged account and what they can do when logged in. 
Noesis’ solutions on PAM includes: credential management, session recording, auditing and attribution; application password management; hybrid enterprise protection; host-based access control.
Result: cybersecurity metrics, through privileged accounts auditing, compliance with regulations, automated control of users provisioning, best security practices for users and identities protection, better insights on vulnerabilities and the enhancement of all cybersecurity efforts.
 Privileged access management
Identity Management
Identity Management
Identity and Access Management solutions (IAM) will ensure security and privacy, mitigating operational risks, improving customer experience and fostering agility and innovation.
Our solutions include role assigning processes, automated account provisioning, access management delegation, self-service access management, design of user roles hierarchy and 
customized provisioning connectors. 
Noesis’ Cybersecurity Experts deliver solutions based on Microsoft Identity Manager. 
Result: user’s access management centralization; automation and reporting, organizations can gain increased security, less compliance risk and great agility. 
Advanced Authentication
Authentication exclusively through passwords are compromising organizations’ security. Moving towards multi-factor is an important step towards security, privacy and compliance. 
Multi-factor authentication adds an extra layer of protection when users access to your organizations’ accounts or apps, by demanding for a second validation, such as a fingerprint scanning, a verification code received by phone or a phone call. 
Our solutions include: multi-factor and “step-up” authentication; policy enforced using rules, contextual information, and behavioral analytics; open “white box” rules engine.
Advanced authentication

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The Cloud fast-track

Noesis has been successfully leading companies to the Cloud allowing them reaching the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in a much effective way.

24x7 Security

We guarantee the protection of your business by providing a highly specialized service that operates 24x7.

Specialized Team

We count on a team highly qualified and experienced in working with state-of-the-art technologies and proactive principles in the prevention and neutralization internal and external threats.

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