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Boosting Digital Experiences

The rapid pace of enterprise digital transformation has intensified the need for developer agility and productivity in creating web, mobile apps, leading to software and test environment focus.

Join our webinar and learn how test automation and continuous testing can support your business in releasing software faster without compromising your company's high-quality standards.

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Why watching the webinar From Test Automation to Continuous Testing?

  • Agenda

Welcome Keynote

- Speaker: Ricardo Rocha (Noesis)

- Topic: The journey of Noesis and Sauce Labs towards meaningful digital experiences.


How to ensure digital confidence with continuous testing?

- Speakers: Eduardo Amaral (Noesis) and Hans Linssen (Sauce Labs)

- Topic: Why is digital confidence necessary? Discover the latest market insights on software testing and Noesis and  Sauce Labs' joint vision to achieve digital confidence in users worldwide.


Roundtable: Our Success Stories

- Speaker: Diogo Soares (Noesis) Tiago Honorato (Noesis), Wim Selles (Sauce Labs)

- Topic: Experts from Noesis and Sauce Labs will discuss the investment in quality, testing standards, the importance of digital trust, and test automation. You will also have the opportunity to hear the story of a major dutch transportation company that drove its software to performance excellence.



- Speaker: Ricardo Rocha

- Topic: Final remarks and future sessions.


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