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OutSystems Live Netherlands

OutSystems Live Online is an expert-led 1-hour session to experience OutSystems by building a real-world app.

Join us for an immersive session with Noesis’ OutSystems developers and build a real-world application in under an hour via online.

What to Expect

Learn how Noesis and OutSystems can help you develop complex applications in a fraction of the time. Discover--for yourself--what you can build with OutSystems, and get a first-hand look at how developers keep complete control and can customize any part of an application - all via online.

See what happens when ReactJS, microservices, full CI/CD, and much more come together in a single platform.
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What You’ll Experience

- Developing with OutSystems in real-world scenarios.

- Time working in a team to code an app to solve a real-world problem in a virtual environment.

- Virtual networking where you can meet other developers and architects looking to fuel innovation and deliver results faster.
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Thursday, June 25 . 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. CEST .

Intro & Welcome | Hugo Prade 

What is OutSystems? | Hugo Prade & Outsystems Representative 

Customer Story
| A customer speaks in first-person about his experience using OutSystems' platform

Interactive Demo | Our experts will build up,  step-by-step, the “My Health – Self COVID-19 check-up” app 

Noesis in Netherlands

Digitalization is acting as an accelerator, turning customer service improvement into an urgent imperative, making it essential for all solutions to have intuitive usability and increased connectivity. 

With OutSystems we found that there was more room for improvement, so we developed applications that bring the process to the next level: Fast as light

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