Noesis' Chatbot solution

Are you having difficulties to respond to moratorium requests on your website?

Noesis has launched a Chatbot solution to automate customer service processes. Why a Noesis’ chatbot?
- Automate customer contact
- Implementation time: Approx. 8 days
- No constraints on existing platforms (ex: Websites)
- Implementation background in the financial sector
- Digital Signature Recognition

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The period of uncertainty that we are experiencing today is having a great economic impact, in this particular moment, the banking sector is offering moratoriums to support companies and individuals with active credits to overcome the strong constraints they're having of lack of liquidity. The flow of requests has been exponential, given the urgency of the subject, and the responsiveness cannot be compromised. By using conversational AI technology, the solution found was the implementation of a virtual assistant (chatbot) that supports customers throughout the entire process, from the moment of search, to the moratorium request form and the respective submission of documents with simple digital signature (when it is possible to use). This feature can be implemented in about 8 days on the institutions' existing digital channels, without any disruption or service constraints.