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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) play a huge role in organizational performance and growth.

Beyond finding patterns on data, it allows predicting future events and extracting business value from various datasets.

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According to IDC, AI is positively impacting businesses worldwide increasing their productivity by 48%, turning processes 44% more agile, and increasing customer satisfaction up to 42%. 

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AI Talk #6 - Continuous Data for Nonstop Business

In this conversation, Pedro Lopes, Data Analytics & AI Team Leader at Noesis, and Sean Anderson, Head of Product Marketing at StreamSets - a technology company headquartered in the US providing a multi-cloud DataOps platform - will talk about the importance of DataOps for the continuity of the dataflow and agility, avoiding data diversions.

Watch the talk on-demand and get to know the opinion and experience of experts on extracting data with business value out of the chaos.

Electricity Demand Forecasting and Notification System

The management of energy consumption is essential for the competitiveness of companies.
Being able to monitor these consumptions allows better control and management of costs. In this context, EDP approached Noesis to go beyond by developing an energy consumption analysis and forecasting system for its B2B customers.

Learn more through the case study.

Case Study  EDP Forecasting   Card

Ebook: Data Stream Pipelines

Big Data & Analytics were, and still are, at the core of digital transformation, as it is the ability to capture, process, and deliver the amount of data generated in a second that allows for real-time analysis and interactions.
Learn more through the ebook.