Medinfar: Creating an automatic analytical ecosystem with QlikSense



Explore real-time insights from your business and enhance data-driven decision making processes with a modern, scalable and transparent Business Intelligence system.

Medinfar experienced some challenges reggarding the information needed to manage its business processes, wich were caused by a complex and inefficient reporting system.
The lack of flexibility from its reporting model resulted in: information failures, uncertainty towards the generated data and insufficient support in the decision making process.

This project developed by Noesis aimed to modernize the group’s Business Intelligence ecosystem, evolving the operational reporting system to a 100% solution based on Qlik technology.

Noesis' partnership with Qlik started in 2010, with the creation of the Data Analytics & AI Business Unit. Noesis was the first Portuguese consultant to obtain the “Elite Solution Provider” distinction in 2015, and has received frequent recognition from this partner. It has more than 40 specialized consultants, two Qlik ikLuminary awards and 60 customers in this technology.


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