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Quality Policy

Noesis recognizes Quality as a competitiveness factor, leveraged by innovation, a means to obtain added value and the way forward to improve the efficiency of its management system and the quality of IT consulting services provided to its clients. In line with its business strategy and within the scope of the NP EN ISO 9001 standard, which defines the Quality Management Systems Requirements, Noesis’ Policy on Quality is based on the following principles:


Satisfied clients

  Working with our clients, we have developed innovative solutions that boost their activities and enable the optimization of their investments. To this end, our conduct is marked by active and open listening so as to provide quality services that comply with the agreed requirements and applicable regulations, in order to be worthy of their trust and loyalty.
Long-term partnerships   We establish and develop long-term and sustainable relationships, collaborating loyally with our partners and suppliers to develop innovative and differentiated solutions that meet the needs and challenges of our partners.
Motivated employees   We promote professional appreciation and development of all our talents by committing to training, skill development and assignment of additional responsibilities. We focus on creating a work environment built on trust, where our talents can continuously develop their skills through deeply embedded values, such as mutual respect, diversity and audacity.
Sustainable solutions   Innovation is what drives us. Together, we develop innovative and sustainable solutions that contribute to a better society. Responsibility and sustainability are part of our culture, leading us to create and deliver quality projects that consider a more sustainable, innovative and reliable future.


[Valid as of 22 February 2018]