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31 January 2024

Noesis Leads AI Exploration at Live Event in Ireland

Unlocking the Power of Generative AI: Noesis Leads the Charge in a Transformative AI Exploration Event

Noesis took the spotlight in Dublin yesterday at the dynamic live event, "Breakfast Briefing: Dimensions of GenAI," in collaboration with our partners, Dublin Chamber. The event immersed participants in an insightful exploration into the realm of AI, specifically focusing on Generative AI. It underscored our commitment to demystifying the complexities of AI and GenAI, making these cutting-edge technologies accessible and relevant to the Irish market.
Conor Bartley, Business and Development Manager at Noesis, kicked off the event, setting the tone with valuable insights that paved the way for an engaging exploration.
Keynote highlights featured João Martins, Data Analytics & AI Manager at Noesis, delivering a captivating live presentation titled "Dimensions of GenAI." His insights delved into the diverse facets of Generative AI, illustrating its profound impact on the business landscape.
Discussion points covered a spectrum, including understanding AI and GenAI, the evolution of AI leading to GenAI, scrutinizing the excitement around AI to distinguish between hype and business standards, identifying AI challenges, and revealing Noesis' approach to tackling them. The event also emphasized initiating the transformative journey for businesses looking to leverage the potential of GenAI.
Participation in this live event gave attendees valuable insights into the advantages of GenAI, its potential impact, and strategies for effectively harnessing its benefits for their businesses.
A heartfelt thank you to everyone who joined us for this enlightening session!