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21 November 2022

Noesis at Testing Portugal 2022

Noesis participated in the largest testers conference in Portugal. Find out which topics were discussed among the testers' community.

It is the largest testers conference in Portugal and has reached its 12th edition: we are talking about Testing Portugal 2022. A conference that gathered thousands of testers from different companies, experiences, and contexts in a single space. 

With mandatory presence, Noesis - the leader in Quality Assurance service delivery - assumed the role of Diamond Sponsor of the conference and participated in the panel of speakers, with a presentation by Deise Galvão, Quality Assurance Manager.

"Not only bugs are the life of a Tester" was the theme of the speaker's presentation, which echoed through the Altis Grand Hotel auditorium in Lisbon. The notable increase in market competitiveness, which is characterised by the existence of fault-free products and services and by a record time-to-market. Along with the new global reality, which has triggered new working methods, has brought with it greater recognition for the testing professional and, naturally, new challenges. 
So, during the presentation, the speaker shared how Noesis adapted itself to this new context and which competencies she seeks in the professionals so that they can answer efficiently to market challenges.
Noesis integrates a vast experience in Quality Management, with more than 25 years of success, more than 300 professionals, ISTQB certified, and in six different countries. Know their areas of expertise here and why they work under the motto "Making Customers Happy".