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03 August 2022

Noesis at Minas Testing Conference 2022

Learn the news and trends in the Brazilian and international QA software testing market.

Boosting and strengthening the community of testers in Brazil has been the mission of the Minas Testing Conference. This event has been repeated annually since 2015, and has become the largest Quality event in Brazil.  

Minas Testing Conference'22 was marked by conversations, conducted by several professionals in the QA area, and by the approach of themes, which constantly challenge the community of testers, both in the Brazilian and international markets. Several topics were discussed, from the main challenges and tips when applying tests, to the very functions of a software tester: which are their responsibilities, experiences and how far they perform their functions.  

Noesis was Gold Partner of the event and provided its vision on the transition process for the beginning of a QA career. Noesis' provision extended to other activities, which aimed to share its vast experience in the QA area and demonstrate several of its solutions.  

Among these solutions, the tool developed by Noesis, Ngine Testing Experience - NTX-, which simplifies the test automation process, stands out. During the event, the participants had the opportunity to test all its functionalities.  

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