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22 March 2023

Noesis at IDC Roadshow 2023

Find out all about the latest edition of the IDC Cloud Roadshow 2023 event

The IDC Roadshow 2023 event occurred face-to-face at Centro Cultural de Belém (CCB). This event discussed topics such as Data Dispersion, Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Security, Intelligence on demand, and the Transformation and Migration of applications and Application Investment Strategy. 
Noesis assumed the Silver Partner of the Event, integrating the excellent panel of speakers through a presentation by our IT Ops, Cloud & Security Associate Director, Nuno Cândido, on IDC Cloud Roadshow 2023 about "Modern approaches to Observability and monitoring for multicloud environments". 
The complexity of Cloud-native environments makes it an "impossible task" for humans to manage them effectively manually. These environments require Observability that incorporates automation and assistance from Artificial Intelligence. 
This event aimed to bring together experts from the technological world and present the latest research and trends in the sector conducted by IDC. The event thus enabled those who registered to develop their cloud infrastructure better.