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09 November 2022

Noesis at ICT & Logistiek 2022

Noesis was at ICT & Logistiek 2022 with OutSystems

From the 8th to the 10th of November, Noesis was present as Gold Partner at the Dutch event, ICT & Logistiek. Being an event exclusively dedicated to the Logistics sector, Noesis had the opportunity to share its history of successes with its partner, OutSystems.
The development of an application with dozens of drinks and the right to a barista was the starting point that Noesis, together with the Low-Code platform, of international reference, used to attract participants and share its value proposal (watch the vídeo).
Noesis & OutSystems: Logistics Market
Regarding this market, Noesis has a vital mission: to bring its clients solutions that integrate values such as modernity, agility, and functionality by replacing their legacy systems, which are often outdated and disintegrated.
To do so, Noesis supports its offer of high-performance tools based on Low Code technology, which stands out by automating processes - decreasing the probability of error -by being completely integrated among themselves and by their record development time.

Noesis' expertise regarding the low code platform, OutSystems, translates into more than 150 certified consultants and more than 390 technical certifications, which makes Noesis the most awarded partner in the world. 

The history, full of successes in the Logistics market, led Noesis to be recognized by OutSystems, at the beginning of 2022, as an expert in this market (Success Stories).

OutSystems App Proof-of-Concept: Five Reasons and a Free App
Access the OutSystems App Proof-of-Concept page, submit your application, and watch your business performance improvements, free from OutSystems technology.
At Noesis, we have a highly specialized team working for world-leading companies, delivering amazing apps in such a short time.