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14 November 2022

Noesis in Next Step 2022

Noesis was Silver Partner of the Next Step. OutSystems' annual conference.

OutSystems' annual conference has already happened! It gathered thousands of participants from the four corners of the world, or it wasn't the best Low Code event in the world: NextStep. Noesis was, once again, present, assuming the role of Silver Sponsor, at the Low Code conference.

Novelty was the watchword of this #nxStep edition, starting with the conference's new visual identity (curious about this change? Check all the details here). As for the presentation of new solutions- OutSystems AI Mentor System and OutSystems Developer Cloud. 

The solution, OutSystems AI Mentor System, provides its customers with tools that accompany all stages of software development so that IT teams can optimize their performance architectures, identify and correct program errors, and ensure high levels of efficiency and quality.

Meanwhile, the OutSystems Developer Cloud solution is aimed at cloud-native, Low Code applications. However, with added advantages, expressed in the reduction of time to launch the product and in the reduction of costs that its development entails. 

Noesis is one of the oldest and most competent OutSystems partners worldwide. It integrates a team of +150 certified consultants and +390 technical certifications. These competencies, along with the success of the projects developed, have led Noesis to be recognized by OutSystems with 14 Innovation Awards and to receive the Partner of the Year Award three times.

Throughout 2022, Noesis was also recognized by OutSystems as an expert in HealthCare, Pharma & Biotech; Logistics & Transport; Retail & Consumer Goods and Manufacturing Sector. Alongside the mentioned achievements, it was also distinguished for its skills in Setup & Maintenance and UX/UI design.

OutSystems App Proof-of-Concept: Five Proofs and One Free App

Access the OutSystems App Proof-of-Concept, page, submit your application, and watch your business performance improvements, free from OutSystems technology. At Noesis, we have a highly specialized team working for world-leading companies, delivering amazing apps in such a short time.