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09 January 2022

Noesis recognized with 3 Industry Badges from OutSystems

This distinction attests the experience and specialization in these activity sectors

New certification created by OutSystems aims to recognize the partners with the greatest experience, level of expertise, and projects implemented in each specific activity sector. 
Noesis thus becomes one of the first OutSystems partners to be recognized as an expert in the following activity sectors: “Healthcare, Pharma & Biotech”; "Logistics & Transportation”; and "Retail & Consumer Package Goods". 
Industry Badges are awarded by OutSystems to its partners based on KPIs defined and evaluated by the technology. Among the required criteria are a minimum number of projects developed for the activity sector in question, the quality of the developed applications, and an average customer satisfaction level higher than 4/5.
According to José Carlos Pereira, Low-Code Solutions Director from Noesis, "This distinction recognizes our level of expertise in this activity sector and the differentiating projects we have been developing for our clients in Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, and the United States. It also reinforces Noesis' leading position in the development of OutSystems solutions, a position we have maintained for over a decade and which positions us as one of the main specialists in OutSystems worldwide."
Get to know our track record in each of these sectors:
Healthcare, Pharma & Biotech
3 OutSystems Innovation Awards
1 OutSystems Agility Award
1 OutSystems Quality App
14+ Projects Delivered
You can view some of our case studies in this sector here.
Retail & Consumer Package Goods
2 OutSystems Innovation Awards
2 Other Awards
1 OutSystems Quality App
18+ Projects Delivered
Discover here some of our case studies in this sector.
Logistics & Transportation
28+ Projects Delivered
Learn more about our experience in the industry here.
Noesis remains one of the largest and oldest partners of OutSystems worldwide. Besides being recognized as a specialist in Healthcare, Pharma & Biotech; Retail & Consumer Package Goods, and Logistics & Transportation, Noesis has over 150 professionals specialized in this technology, over 260 technical certifications, 2 Quality Apps, and 14 Innovation Awards.