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05 February 2024

Noesis Kick-Off: Ignition - the start of a new cycle that promises more growth, investment, and a massive dose of optimism

After a successful four-year period, 2020-2023, Noesis met in Troia to prepare for the future.

The 2020-2023 quadrennium has come to an end, and the Noesis management team gathered at the Troia Design Hotel for one of the most important moments of the year - the Kick-Off Ignition, the event that serves as a launch pad for a new chapter.

2023 was one of Noesis's most significant growth years and represented the end of a four-year cycle full of success and exceeded objectives. The year 2024 promises to maintain an optimistic outlook for Noesis' position in the different markets, nationally and internationally.

As in previous years, the entire management team gathered for the Kick-Off, where they presented the results achieved in recent years, between 2020 and 2023, the business objectives for the coming years, and the organization's strategic vision supported by its five operational pillars - People, Markets, Operations, Marketing, and Management Control.  

During the session, there was a sharing of information and alignment so that Noesis' various business areas can be aligned with the organization's goals - Data Analytics & AI; Enterprise Application Integration; Enterprise Solutions; IT Operations, Cloud & Security; Low-Code Solutions; Professional Services; Quality Management, DevOps & Automation - and the six markets where it operates: Portugal, Spain, Brazil, the Netherlands, Ireland and the United States of America.  

This Kick-Off was also marked by some news, such as the opening of a new office in Castelo-Branco, with a clear commitment to the interior, and the opening of a new one in an international location, to be revealed soon. 

Alexandre Rosa, the CEO, guarantees that "we're on the right track." One of the main objectives is for an international activity to exceed 50% of total turnover and strengthen the operation in Portugal, noting that "the Portuguese market has been growing steadily." Nelson Pereira, CTO, underlines that "we need to maintain our know-how, share it, and invest in new complementary offers while preserving the same vision that has worked so far". Lastly, Luís Castro, CFO, adds that Noesis "has been working in recent years on future-oriented management". 

In this way, the organization hopes to have many more talents by 2027 and continue to be recognized as one of the Best Workplaces in Portugal and Europe. In his final speech, Alexandre Rosa called for the focus on the 2024-2027 plan, hoping that "the objectives will be achieved so that we can celebrate once again".  

All systems are go. We are ready to accept the challenge!