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08 February 2024

Employer Branding Conference'24: the importance of an EVP capable of attracting and retaining talent

An event that aims to help companies develop successful Employer Branding strategies

With the increasing and more challenging need for companies to attract new employees and retain their talents, Talent Portugal, an organization that connects companies and candidates, created the Employer Branding Conference, the largest event on this topic in Portugal, with the aim of addressing issues such as the culture and DNA of employers.

The fourth edition of this conference was held on the banks of the Rio Tejo on January 30, at the Museu do Oriente, an event sponsored and attended by Noesis and which brought together more than 100 entities - companies and higher education institutions - to show us the best practices that organizations can adopt to develop a better workplace and promote a unique culture.

The event concentrated on three main themes: marketing actions to attract and retain talent, the importance of having a dedicated People & Culture team to strengthen the employer brand, and the presentation of case studies. From creating a structured and consistent Employee Value Proposition (EVP), which should cover the employee's entire journey, to sharing and implementing all the measures defined, there is a long road to be traveled, which must match the talent's expectations.

Nowadays, there are other concerns besides salary. Factors such as organizational culture, company values, the working environment, opportunities for career progression and professional development, work-life balance, work flexibility, remote working, family support and mental health care, benefits, diversity, and inclusion have become differentiating and relevant factors when choosing the companies where candidates want to work.

This is why it is increasingly important to invest more in Employer Branding. The key is to share the strategy throughout the organization and motivate all teams, including leaders, to work together to make a difference and bring the best talent to the company, thus overcoming the difficulty in attracting new candidates.

With the motto "The beginning of a journey together", Talent Portugal says that the People & Culture and Employer Branding departments are growing and becoming strategic areas for all organizations.