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21 June 2021

Meet NTX release 3.3

NTX, Noesis' Revolutionary Test Automation Tool

To continuously improve and innovate, the NTX team has released the 3.3 version of NTX, which includes several improvements at the interface level, and presents new features that will contribute to a better test case management and automation experience.
We highlight in this release 3.3 the following features: 
• Bug fixing.

• Possibility of creating execution plans, giving the user the possibility to group tests, executing in parallel for Web tests.

• Improved presentation of results in Scheduler:
- Possibility of viewing the tests in progress in a task.
- Task status update only after completion of all tests included in it.
- Inclusion, in the email to be sent, of the task code if this configuration is parameterized to be displayed.

• Improved “undo” and/or “redo” actions on Create Tests page – when adding a new step, if the user does "undo" to remove the step and then "redo" to re-add it, the step is added with the keyword initially associated with the step.

• When copying tests with templates in which their input data have been altered, the copy must consider the information recently changed and not what was in the original template.

• In the data pool functionality, extract an Excel file with only the original tests or with the information filled in the table.

• In the datalist, there's now the possibility to choose if you want your data to be deleted or not after being used.

• Possibility of having variables in which the information varies by the environment.

• When running image tests, close all windows at the end of the run.

• Possibility to copy test between projects, versions, and test suites, keeping the original ID or creating a new ID. Note: this functionality only applies to the Azure DevOps test repository.

• Update of OutSystems Algorithm.

• Test execution from GitHub.
NTX was launched in 2017 and has transformed the services provided in terms of the quality of software delivery. Among other features, is distinguished by its versatility, speed, and intuitive usability.
Throughout this year, NTX will have additional releases.