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06 April 2021

Noesis promotes talks on Artificial Intelligence

AI Free Assessment

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are increasingly becoming key drivers of organizational performance, but figuring out how it could fit in your organization it is not that easy. According to IDC, AI is positively impacting businesses worldwide increasing their productivity by 48%, turning processes 44% more agile, and increasing customer satisfaction up to 42%. 
Within this framework, Noesis launched the “AI Talks” initiative - a series of five episodes that aims to show the full potential of artificial intelligence for organizations.
The first conversation, under the theme The Power of Cloud, brought together two specialists from Noesis, Pedro Lopes, Data Analytics & AI Manager, and Fábio Curi Paixão, Machine Learning Engineer, who discussed how Cloud is enhancing the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning models in organizations. The two experts shared forefront challenges and stories from the implementation of AI and ML projects. 
In a second act, Data Protection and Privacy was the theme that brought Pedro Lopes back together, this time with Eliano Marques, EV Data & AI at Protegrity. The challenge of protecting artificial intelligence ecosystems, with a high volume of sensitive data, was at the center of this conversation that you need to watch.
Over 2021, the remaining three talks, over very interesting themes, will be announced on our website. Follow it up here.

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