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2020 A Year of Challenges

2020 has been a challenging year. Our ability to adapt, work and resilience has been pushed to the limit. We ended this year with a sense of accomplishment... and with a wish: bring on 2021, quickly!

We marked the start of the year with our partners, as tradition. We were at Building the Future, OutSystems Global Partner Event, Celonis Celosphere, Microsoft Inspire and TIBCO NOW.

With IDC, we attended major industry events, IDC FutureScape, IDC Future of Digital Infrastructure, IDC Directions and IDC Chief Data Officer. We were once again at NextStep, this time in virtual format, at the Qlik Analytics Tour and at the EuroStar Conference, the # 1 event of Quality Management in Europe. The big event on Data & AI, happened once again, this time, under a new name - Lisbon Data & AI Forum - and it was broadcasted from a television studio and live on YouTube and Linkedin.


Well before the pandemic, our bet on webinars and digital events was already a reality and, in January, we talked about OneSpan's Digital Signature solutions. We were also with TIBCO in the Integration-as-a-Service webinar. We approached Test Automation in 2 webinars, broadcasted to the Netherlands, Portugal and Brazil, and we did not forget the topics of Cybersecurity - with Darktrace. We were with OutSystems in the Netherlands, creating an app in less than 30 minutes. With Qlik in the Empowering your Data webinar, we presented our expertise on Customer Experience to the market. We were also at the NEST webinars on Customer Service in Tourism, in a joint initiative with Microsoft. Also in Spain, we held joint webinars with Altia on Cybersecurity, Quality Management and also participated in ECAI 2020, the main European Artificial Intelligence event.

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This was also a year of focus on creating relevant content. We launched Data Analytics Sessions, Remote Workspace Sessions and a set of videos about our Low-Code Solutions offer. We published 9 whitepapers on OutSystems IaaS and Test Automation in OutSystems, Customer Journey in Insurance, the 5 technological trends of the new normal, Data Stream Pipelines, among others.

We published 14 Case Studies - after all, sharing our successful projects is the best way to show our strengths in the market - we told how we implemented an ecosystem for preventive and evolutionary management of the client's infrastructure, automated functional tests using AI in the Retail sector, we shared projects developed with clients such as KRAMPLINEAS and Medinfar, among others.

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Maintaining a close and continuous relationship with the academic community remains one of Noesis' strategic pillars. We went to meet talents at Build Brighter Futures, Pitch Bootcamp and several job fairs. We supported the CityHack of the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar, held the Lisbon Data & AI Forum with NOVA IMS, talked about Internet Security and supported the TEDx (Universidade de Lisboa). We participated in the TecStorm roadshow and were partners of the Data Hackathon of the Super Bock group.

Our Open Days have become online events with the presence of university students from different parts of the country.

Build Brighter Future

2020 was once again a year of recognition, of our quality, of our delivery and of the excellence of our projects. We have achieved the platinum partner status from Darktrace, the Elite Solution Provider from Qlik, the Gold Partner from Celonis, the Elite Partner and the Global Innovation Partner of the Year from TIBCO.

We won our 13th Innovation Award, from OutSystems, the MyWorten App, developed by Noesis, won the Portugal Digital Awards. We won, for the third consecutive year, a Sitecore Experience Award and we are in the final of the European Software Testing Awards. Noesis' capacity for innovation was also recognized by ANI, with the attribution of the status of suitability for R&D.

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In the media in Portugal, we had more than 150 news published in more than 50 different media. We are a reference player in the market and the opinion of our specialists is increasingly valued.
Among the many references, we launched a special project about Noesis, with TSF, we presented our predictions for 2020 at Exame Informática, discussed the effects of the pandemic in the sector, in Jornal Económico, its impact on Professional Services and addressed the “new normal” at Computer World. At TSF we talked about the new challenges of Noesis and in the most different media we addressed topics such as the importance of data, Teleworking and Cybersecurity, Workplace Solutions, Automation as a solution, Customer Experience and the digital transformation of Banking, Reduce costs and streamline processes with EAI, Low-Code for more agile organizations or how to become a top testing expert. We also participated in the Human Resources Portugal special and wrote about B2B in the new times, at Marketeer.
Finally, we can’t not forget our iNoesis, which in 2020 had another edition, where the interview with Tino Fernandéz and the integration with Altia were highlighted.

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And because #teamNoesis is at the heart of our success, the pandemic context led us to look for new ways of internal communication, we launched the #stayhome initiatives, with different tips for confinement and #StayConnected, with numerous workshops and a weekly newsletter. We continued to show our talents “B-side”, at a time when we are already more than 900, highlighting the importance of Cybersecurity good practices and challenging the creativity of everyone, in different contests.
Throughout the year, we highlighted initiatives that make a difference and marked some milestones in the area of Sustainability and Social Responsibility, promoting values that make a crucial contribution to a more inclusive society.
We celebrated our 25th anniversary and all the successes of the year in the traditional Christmas Event, this year in an online format, but with the usual good mood. 

Dia da Mulher Natal

We hope that 2021 arrives quickly and that we can leave this unusual year behind, with the hope that next year we can be together again!   

We wish you all Happy Holidays and Happy New Year with Noesis!