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26 October 2020

Noesis organize Webinars about test automation

On October 20 and 22, Noesis held two webinars that addressed the importance of test automation and demonstrated the benefits of NTX ®

Test automation is the answer to ensure a software delivery with higher quality and less costs. Following this principle, Noesis organized two webinars, on the 20th and 22nd of October, which addressed the benefits of test automation through the perspective of several experts in the area.

This round of sessions started with “Test Automation in OutSystems”, a webinar that focused mainly on the Dutch market and included the participation of Tiago Honorato, DevOps & Automation Senior Manager at Noesis, and Sezen de Bruijn, Solutions Architect at OutSystems. The round continued and ended with the webinar “The Journey to Test Automation”, hosted by Noesis Associate Marketing Director, Ricardo Rocha, and once again by DevOps & Automation Senior Manager at Noesis, Tiago Honorato.

NTX® is a test automation tool developed by Noesis that is characterized by being versatile and intuitive. In relation to the other automation solutions on the market, NTX® is distinguished by its ease of use, time to specify automatic tests and respective maintenance. In practice, with the use of this tool, organizations gain a competitive advantage by reducing costs, optimizing time and ensuring higher quality standards.


“Test Automation in OutSystems”

The webinar of October 20th started with the presentation of Sezen Bruijn, Solutions Architect at OutSystems, who spoke about the advantages that test automation can have in increasing the speed of application development in OutSytems. Among them, we highlight the ability to ensure that applications follow what we envisioned, through automatic testing, and the ability to prevent possible errors that may arise. The speed of the low-code associated with the speed of the test automation gives better results.

This was followed by a roundtable on the challenges that automatic testing faces, where speakers shared their perspectives on questions such as: is it easy to integrate test automation into OutSystems' low-code processes? Are organizations prepared to incorporate test automation? What are the main factors to consider when choosing an automatic test?

After a first discussion on test automation, Tiago Honorato presented Noesis' vision for the theme and all the benefits of adopting NTX®, among which we highlight the algorithm developed specifically to identify objects in OutSystems applications, which allows to make faster tests. In the final part of the webinar, an NTX® live demo was performed on an application developed in OutSystems. The session ended with a Q&A where the speakers answered the various questions posed by the participants.

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Sezen de Bruijn presenting "Accelerating Outsystems apps with Test Automation" session


"The Journey to Test Automation"

The webinar of the 22nd, addressed Noesis' vision regarding the journey to test automation. The agenda was divided into three important parts: the benefits of test automation; Test Automation - Success Cases; and NTX® live demo.

The participants were received by Noesis Associate Marketing Director, Ricardo Rocha, who presented the organization's position in the framework of Quality and Automation, noting that Noesis is the number 1 company in the provision of QM services in Portugal, which has more than 20 years of experience, more than 290 consultants, 100% ISTQB certified and its own test automation tool.

Then, Tiago Honorato mentioned all the benefits of test automation, in particular of the Noesis tool, NTX®, and also presented several successful cases of organizations from different market sectors that achieved good results with the incorporation of automatic tests in their operational processes.

Finally, as in the webinar of the 20th, Tiago Honorato conducted a live demo of NTX®, which elucidated all participants of the ease and quality of running tests with this tool.

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Tiago Honorato presenting the benefits of NTX®