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  • Customer Journey in the Insurance Industry

    Insurance companies need to integrate all their systems in order to personalize the experience of all actors. This whitepaper, prepared by Noesis in partnership with Microsoft, seeks to meet this new challenge.

  • Test Automation in OutSystems

    Read the White Paper and discover how ntx® - Noesis’ test automation tool with a specific algorithm to capture OutSystems objects. 

  • Customer Service Hospitality 

    The hospitality sector was one of most impacted sectors by digital transformation. Learn how to ensure higher rates of purchase recurrence, increase customer loyalty rates, leverage the cross-selling and up-selling of your services, improve the user experience, ensure correct coverage of all customer touchpoints services, improve processes and ensure higher levels of efficiency. Read Noesis Whitepaper and learn how to improve Customer Service with Dynamics 365.

  • Customer Service Industry

    "By 2022, more than 50% of all agents involved in Industry 4.0 will use virtual or Artificial Intelligence-based assistants." Read Noesis' whitepaper and learn about the 4 key benefits of implementing a Customer Service strategy in the Industry.

  • Quality by Design

    The development and launch of customer-focused software and applications is an increasing challenge, especially for large organizations that have to deal with a complex network of modern technologies alongside legacy systems and resources. Meet the White Paper prepared by IDC.

  • Connected Field Services in Industry

    Traditionally, the industry evolves alongside technological developments. In an era of transformation leveraged by clod and Internet of Things (IoT), the impact on this sector is evident. Get to know the full potential of Connected Field Services in industry in this Noesis' whitepaper!

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