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Enterprise Application Integration


We help you integrate everything across your enterprise

Our Enterprise Application Integration approach, in partnership wih TIBCO Software, provides the tools businesses need to seamlessly connect any cloud and on-premise application, service, IoT device, or data - making your business processes more efficient and your enterprise more agile.

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Key points

Automated Business Processes

Connect applications and data with cloud services to simplify and automate processes and decision-making, enhancing effiency and flexibility.

Multiple Integration Methods

Improve quality and decrease time to market with different approaches: DevOps, microservices and continuous delivery.

Operational Excellence

Utilize data-driven insights and decision making to optimizie execution at every level.

Engaging User Experiences

An API-led and Event-driven approach allows you to integrate many applications within a unified and agile digital experience for your clients.

Open Platform

Embracing open sources and standards as core to modern design, collaboration, and agility.

Deploy & Acess Anywhere

Cross platform deployment - public or private cloud, on-premise, devices, serverless and hybrid environments.

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Through an integration platform as a service (iPaaS), you can connect any application and data with maximum efficiency. Integrate anything – from CRM systems to marketing automation applications.
With TIBCO Software, you can bring all integrators together within a collaborative user experience. Counting with 200+ commercial connectors and 700+ Community Connectors.

Result: Automate business processes to provide superior customer experiences while reducing human error.

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API-led Approach

Leverage an API-led strategy to power connectivity across your digital ecosystem:

- Create and implement APIs within one integrated experience; 
- Manage APIs as products and secure them with powerful authentication; 
- Measure ROI and API performance with advanced analytics


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TIBCO Messaging is one of the most comprehensive, high-performance, flexible and scalable messaging platforms, allowing you to capitalize on data in real time and make it available to applications that drive action based on analytical insights.

Offered both with comercial capabilities and enterprise support for open source with Apache Kafta.


Result: Guaranted asynchronous messaging between aplications hosted anywhere and enbale event-driven integration scnerarios through a fully secure and reliable environment.

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