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With Celonis Process Mining, visualize and rebuild business process flows in real time, based on the digital trail in IT systems, including SAP.

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Process Mining Solution

Celonis is a Process Mining technology solution using sophisticated Big Data algorithms. Smart algorithms reconstruct, analyse and understand the real process, allowing you to view and reconstruct business processes in real time based on the digital footprint left in IT systems.

Improving the Performance of Business Processes

Advanced analytical capabilities highlight inefficiencies, bottle necks and compliance issues and advise on ways of improving the performance of business processes.

White Paper Background

IT systems of organizations, in particular ERPs, contain valuable data about the processes of an organization. Celonis Process Mining is a solution that uses big data technology that makes it possible to gain insights into how to optimise business processes based on this data.
Rafaela Rodrigues Nunes,
Senior Manager, Noesis
Rafaela Rodrigues Nunes
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