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Through the ongoing investment in innovative solutions based on the latest technology, our solutions meet the demands of organizations, responding to the constant challenges in the areas of IT and operations.

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Data Center Technology
Advanced solutions that ensure business continuity and maximize the benefits of using sophisticated technology, in order to boost organizations in an era of fast-growing pace of data volume and constant disruption, which requires flexibility, elasticity and efficiency.
Result: Organizations can take advantage of sophisticated technology solutions with high performance, management autonomy, resilience and stability.
Data Center Technology
IT Management Solutions
IT Management Solutions
With the growing adoption of hybrid or multicloud IT environments and the consequent increase in the complexity of IT ecosystems, which support the business, IT managers must equip themselves with cutting-edge technological solutions designed to inventory, monitor, automate and manage their infrastructures, platforms and applications in an integrated manner, as well as to respond to the growing needs of the business.
Result: Noesis helps organizations to focus on their core business, maintain a high quality of service and increase the efficiency of their operations.
IT Operations Services
Our systems and platforms, security, cloud and end-user managed services are supported by advanced monitoring, observability, automation and security solutions, characterized by the application of best practices and methodologies.
Noesis counts on a highly qualified and certified team, ensuring a high quality of service and satisfaction.
Result: we help organizations focus on their core business and maintaining a high quality of service, increasing the efficiency of their operations.
IT Operations Services
End User Support Services  
End User Support Services
The rapid acceleration in the adoption of home office and remote work has led organizations to adopt digital collaboration anywhere, anytime and securely. Our End User Support services address the evolution of workstation management and the end user support by integrating service desk, field support and modern workplace solutions to maximize employee productivity, allowing organizations to focus on strategic initiatives and in their core business. 
Result: improved employee satisfaction, productivity and collaboration, while the IT keeps the business secure and up-to-date with the latest innovations.

Key points

Sophisticated IT management solutions

Managing heterogeneous and complex IT environments, and the increased cyber-exposure of IT ecosystems, justifies the investment in advanced automation, monitoring, observability and security tools embedded and integrated into the delivery of our managed services.


We determine the delivery model according to our clients' strategic goals, ranging from the allocation of extra capacity in our clients' IT teams, to accountability (SLA's) for day-to-day tactical and operational performance, or based on a model with closed scope and fixed duration

Specialized Team

We align the management of our talents and teams with the growing need to adopt differentiated IT solutions and state-of-the-art technologies, boosting innovation, productivity and efficiency in our clients' businesses.

24x7 high operational performance

Through the application of best practices, methodologies, we guarantee 24x7 support services for the systems, platforms, and applications that support our clients' operations and business.

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