Would you be able to survive in a world without technology? With no access to the internet or smartphones? With no satellite TV or ATMs? Without the possibility to buy online or pay through credit cards? If yes, for how long? One day? Half a day? An hour?

This hypothetical scenario could very well be Doom’s Day for some. However, without Quality Management (QM) services it could become reality sooner than you think! Since 1999, NOESIS’ QM services have been providing solutions in supporting international companies to avoid these kind of catastrophic scenarios… We have been ensuring Doom’s Day will never become reality for these companies and we could do the same for you!

As the leading independent supplier of Software Test Services in the Portuguese market, NOESIS provides the following services:

  • Test Management: Independent Integrated Certification Testing Services
  • Software Change & Configuration Management: Change and Configuration Management of non-productive Environments  
  • Software Quality Assurance: Implementation service for methodologies, tools and reports to ensure that Quality levels are not only achieved but maintained


Do not lose sleep over the Quality of the projects you have recently launched, NOESIS will make sure you sleep tight!    

Through our Quality Management services we can help you to reduce not only your Time-2-Market but also your Costs, whilst increasing the standards of Quality in your company.  

We have been helping CIOs sleep tight since 1999! Contact us and see for yourself how we can help you have a good night sleep!

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