Infrastructure Solutions include storage, database and application platforms solutions, capable of responding to clients’ needs and challenges. Cloud and IT automation solutions are another value adding factor, in line with the current market trends.

As organisations seek to decrease their operational costs, the technological infrastructures component is also subject to reductions when it comes to equipment and human resources. Thus, hiring specialised services at competitive costs but with high know-how is a real need. On the other hand, compatibility and optimisation of several systems and equipments often requires the skills of experts capable of identifying needs and acting accordingly.

This is where NOESIS’ Infrastructure Solutions business unit fits in, presenting significant activity in the national market with over 50 infrastructure projects performed in the previous year alone for corporate companies of the telecommunications, finance and services sectors.

Summary of the integrated offer:

  1. Database Services
  2. Specialized Professional Services  
  3. Storage Solutions                               
  4. IT Management (Cloud Services, IT Automation e Business Service Management )
  5. Systems Management (Platforms and Enterprise Architectures, Migration and Transformation processes)  


1. Database Services

Databases play an increasingly central and decisive role in the information systems of any Organization. The ability to quickly manage and access large volumes of data is an important factor in terms of application services quality, thus, contributing to the success of businesses.
Today, NOESIS offers a wide experience in managing complex databases, e.g. in terms of diagnosis, performance and tuning evaluation, backup & recovery, upgrade and implementation of monitoring solutions. Sometimes database operations may be subject to audits, an activity in which NOESIS also has a huge know-how.

The services portfolio is mostly based on Oracle and SQL Server databases:

  • Installation, configuration and management
    (Single Instance and Oracle RAC environments (eg., Oracle Farms with 8 nodes in RAC environments))
  • Migration between versions (8i to 12c)
  • Migration between heterogeneous platforms (different endian formats) (eg., PA-RISC HP-UX to Linux)
  • Database Moves between physical environments (Ex: Different Data Centers)
  • Oracle GoldenGate to minimize downtime on migrations and moves;
  • Migration from SQL Server to Oracle using Oracle GoldenGate;
  • Oracle Data Guard;
  • Partitioning (Implementation and Maintenance);
  • Advanced Compression (Implementation and Maintenance);
  • Data Masking & Subset;
  • Oracle In-Memory;

Services for SQL Server:

  • Installation, configuration and maintenance (Single Instance, Cluster);
  • Migration between versions (2000 to 2014);
  • Database Moves between different physical / DataCenter environments;
  • SQL Server AlwaysON;
  • Partitioning (Implementation and Maintenance)


2. Specialized Professional Services

Even in highly automated data centre requires regular manual intervention or decision-making on events and monitoring alerts.
NOESIS offers a service focused on IT support and operation, comprising from the infrastructure level to the end solution for the client.
The service model is supported by well defined procedures; maintenance of a knowledge base on all services and activities subject to intervention; ongoing control of the service execution.

Services at the client or shared model, focused on the following activity areas:

  • First level and escalation support;
  • 24/7 service coverage;
  • Execution of operation activities;
  • Reactive monitoring to alarms or other events triggered automatically;
  • Regular proactive monitoring on documented schedules and procedures;

This service can be rendered according to two modalities::

A. Specialized dedicated services:

  • Own team at the client;
  • Local access to systems and equipment;
  • Support tools available at the client;
  • Point of contact at the client;
  • Service management integrated at the client or shared;

 B. Specialized shared services:

  • Single team acting for several clients from NOESIS Operation centre;
  • Service limited by remote access to the client’s systems;
  • Case management and tool procedures at NOESIS;
  • Single contact point: web; telephone; email;
  • Shared service management


3. Storage Solutions

The Storage area is focused on finding data management solutions, service levels and search for technological partners to achieve the best solutions.
With the growing offer and massification of Flash technology solutions, data storage in data centers is now facing a new paradigm. All Flash Data Centers may very well become a reality. The adoption of this new technological solution brings challenges in terms of performance, resizing and consolidation of the infrastructure and, consequently, the chance to reduce license costs.

NOESIS’ Storage is ensured by one reference supplier:

  • Fujitsu with Etenus DX storage line covers the full spectrum, from entry level to high end equipment, meeting any need which translates into ability, scalability and performance.
    Fujitsu storage has been rated by several reference entities with the best indicators, confirming its high quality and capacity and its ability as best choice for any solution.

In the Archive and Backup area, NOESIS relies on CommVault Simpana as a full solution that covers all typical use cases in a unique product, with no need to integrate different products that cover specific action areas.

Service offer in the Storage area:

  • Backup & Recovery;
  • Archive, Email, Files, eDiscovery & Compliance;
  • Data Reduction Deduplication & Compression;
  • Enterprise Reporting;
  • Replication, Management, & CDP;
  • Desktop / Laptop;
  • SAP Archiving – SAP Archive Link;
  • Database Archiving – Media Backup;
  • Specialized Services and Projects / Technical Support, 24h coverage

Complete Storage solutions focused on flexibility, capacity or performance:

  • Entry Level > Mid Range > High End;
  • Memory Performance.


4. IT Management

Today, mobility, big data, social data and the advent of cloud computing are representative of such change, offering new ways for IT to help organizations accelerate solutions as a response to their most urgent challenges (including accelerating innovation, increasing agility, improving financial management). Such changes can trigger the power of IT not only to support but also to shape business.

Cloud Services

  • Cloud Service Brokerage – help our clients in the processes of choosing / building the solutions that best fit their needs, exploring the advantages of a unique and simplified interface for their services, SLA management, security and cost reduction. 
  • Hybrid Cloud Computing – help our clients in designing, implementing, supporting and continuously operating private, public and hybrid cloud services, based on the principle of "building your own cloud", which may not require investment in own infrastructure, using service providers resources and centring solutions in process automation components and services and in customized services catalogues (Cloud as a Service).
  • Cloud Building – vertical building Cloud Services platforms, in the form of IT as a Service, based on self service catalogues and fed by process automation methods, from infrastructure and application supply to deliver IaaS and PaaS, up to the full life cycle management of cloud services, including chargeback / showback-related components.

IT Automation

Perhaps the greatest differential in the market is the integration with the widest Business Service Management portfolio in the world.

HP Storage Essentials is directly integrated with HP Operations Manager for a complete management of incidents and events, HP Operations Orchestration for an increase in efficiency with over 30 existing process work flows to automate tasks and minimize errors associated to the creation of new processes; and HP UCMDB for complete visibility of a company’s configuration management, including modelling and change management.

Automating Tasks:

  • Task focused:
  • Automation of atomic or sequential tasks
  • Scheduling

Processes automation:

  • Flow automation
  • Automation of manual and repetitive processes
  • ROI analysis per flow or process

Service Automation:

  • IT Services Catalogue Invoicing / Chargeback / Showback
  • Financial Analysis
  • IT Product Management and IT Services Life Cycle Management


Business Service Management

Centralized management platform – holistic vision of service management

  • SLA Management;
  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Servers (physical and virtual); Network; Storage
  • Application Monitoring
  • Transactions
  • End User Monitoring
  • Service Levels
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Consolidated Reporting


5. Systems Management

This competence area is at the top of the Infrastructure Services offer. It includes all the components in the scope of design, implementation and application solutions administration, supported by infrastructure supply solutions, automation mechanisms, storage and database solutions and the alignment with operations and 1st level support .

Action areas and services include:

  • Administration and support regarding systems and application platforms;
  • Migration projects for application solution change and upgrade;
  • Consultancy and implementation of high availability (HA) and business continuity (DR) solutions;

Specialized offer in SAP Basis system administration

  • Closed project for installation, upgrade, migration or change of SAP System, based on Netweaver Platform
  • SAP Basis System Administration