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Energy & Utilities

The advent of new energy sources, the arrival of new players on the market, and consumer demands are redefining the Energy & Utilities sector. What is the way forward to become established in this market?

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Energy & Utilities

There are several challenges facing the Energy & Utilities sector

Issues such as climate change, the need to reduce the use of fossil fuels, environmental legislation, increased competition and new consumer demands, greater awareness of environmental issues, areforcing organizations to rethink their business models.

European Union Sets Ambitious Climate and Energy Goals

By 2050, the European Union wants a reduction of up to 95% of greenhouse gas emissions compared to 1990 levels and investment in intelligent technologies such as Cloud, Big Data, IA, IoT and augmented reality is vital to achieve this goal. We have the best solutions for smarter and sustainable management in a market as volatile as this.

Noesis EDP
A platform to revolutionize everyday services
Noesis Low-Code Solutions business unit developed a platform that is replacing an obsolete facility management tool and allowing for the growth and expansion of the EDP's internal service catalogue.
Noesis develops a web and mobile portal
Noesis’ team of Agile Solutions developed a new B2B portal for Prio, available on the web and mobile, optimising communication with partners and improving the experience of the end customer.
Autorizo a Noesis a enviar-me informação comercial sobre produtos e serviços da Noesis e dos seus Parceiros.

The new portal of PRIO, developed in conjunction with Noesis, enables us to have a solution that combines the scalability factor with a reduced time-to-market, which ensures flexibility to address all requirements from business areas. In short, the three key factors are agility, reliability, and implementation capacity.
Tiago Cachim,
Group IT Director, Prio Energy
Tiago Cachim
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