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    Noesis launches chatbot to automate moratorium request processes

    The growing volume of requests for moratoriums in the financial sector led Noesis to develop a virtual assistant solution.

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    Remote Workspace Sessions

    Watch a series of videos explaining how companies can boost their productivity and remote work by using Microsoft 365 applications, particularly Microsoft Teams.

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  • Darktrace Healthcare

    Cybersecurity with AI for Healthcare

    Download this case study from a Healthcare Provider and learn the benefits of integrating Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity.

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    Data Stream Pipeline eBook

    Learn how the creation of data stream pipelines for your digital channels can help you to improve content targeting and customer service.

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    Life at Noesis

    We believe that the well-being of our Talent is the reason for our success. Start your career here. We’re counting on you to go that step further.

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Case Studies

Noesis EDP
A platform to revolutionize everyday services
Noesis Low-Code Solutions business unit developed a platform that is replacing an obsolete facility management tool and allowing for the growth and expansion of the EDP's internal service catalogue.
Noesis boosts digital strategy at N Seguros
Noesis boosts digital strategy at N Seguros
As N Seguros's website is its main channel for conversio, it is the core aspect of its digital strategy. Working closely with the internal team, Noesis developed a new, fully optimized website aimed at customer experience.
MyArval Mobile
Noesis develops MyArval Mobile
To improve the experience and satisfaction of Arval customers, the organisation needed a mobile platform which optimised process efficiency. Noesis' Low-Code Solutions team developed the app using the OutSystems platform, adding offline capabilities and real-time access to information.
Noesis implements a Business Intelligence solution
To enable the management of the company’s business data in real time, Noesis developed a solution based on QlikView and a KPI Monitor for the IT Department of Volkswagen Autoeuropa.
Noesis automates business processes
To centralise AbbVie’s data management and analysis, Noesis implemented Insights, based on QlikView. Information is currently presented in a simple, quick and intuitive manner.
Noesis creates a customised application for assessment
Hovione chose Noesis and the OutSystems Agile Platform to create a new customised application to support the existing performance assessment system.
Noesis optimises the performance assessment system
To hasten the process of assessment of Human Resources, Noesis’ team of Agile Solutions developed a solid application for performance management.
Noesis implements a Virtual One-Stop Service
Noesis’ Enterprise Solutions team implemented the Virtual One-Stop Service, a platform that dematerialises and optimises processes and provides services for each IPL community.
Noesis develops a web and mobile portal
Noesis’ team of Agile Solutions developed a new B2B portal for Prio, available on the web and mobile, optimising communication with partners and improving the experience of the end customer.
Noesis implements a tool for testing management
In order to optimise the processes of software certification and the management of acceptance tests, Fidelidade counted on Noesis’ team of Quality Management in the implementation of Testlink+Mantis.
Noesis improves the portal’s performance and usability
Noesis’ team of OutSystems realigned the portal of Associação Portuguesa de Seguradores [Portuguese Insurers Association], to facilitate, guide and expedite the different daily activities.
Autorizo a Noesis a enviar-me informação comercial sobre produtos e serviços da Noesis e dos seus Parceiros.

Noesis is one of OutSystems best partners. A highly skilled team with experience delivering complex projects to exacting clients, Noesis has a strong reputation for both excellent service and platform expertise. We never hesitate to bring them into projects or refer customers to them.
Shiri Friedman,
Director, Partner Marketing, OutSystems
Shiri Friedman

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