"NOESIS is a company that cares about the customer and we’ve been counting on a very strong and present technical support. From a competition point of view, until now, we haven’t found anything more interesting than we're currently developing with NOESIS, a factor that relates to the strong technical scope of the company, but also to the ability to adjust to our needs, and to our proximity with the partner. NOESIS is able to respond quick and effectively to our requests and needs. We’re close, the work is well made, therefore, there’s no need to change."

Miguel Castro
Business Processes Manager | AbbVie



Since innovation is the corner stone of AbbVie’s activity as a global pharmaceutics company, it had a few gaps concerning its activity's indicator, namely, the dispersion of information vital for business, several sets at a time instead of only one, and reports which are visually non appealing, which affected the information and liability share.

Work was executed in Excel sheets and with connections to the ERP, which causes security failures, lack of organisation of the information, and hardships in data standardisation and processing.

Challenges having been detected, the company sought a partner in the market with an expertise in QlikView – a tool that’s already been implemented in Abbott and has continued in AbbVie are the companies’ separation – the ideal solution to organise its activity in terms of dashboard, reporting and data consolidation. Due to its strong know-how in the field, NOESIS arose as an obvious main option.



To respond to the challenges presented by AbbVie, NOESIS has implemented ‘Insights’, an information management product based on the QlikView platform, which allows for centralising all information of the SAP Business One and present it in a simple, quick and intuitive manner. The solution has been adjusted for AbbVie’s sales module and captivated the people in charge for its visual appearance and for having key concepts on which other modules would be built.

The development of QlikView application has potentiated and stimulated the SQL Server’s growth. Besides, the discipline necessary for the use of a tool designed in QlikView has contributed to the reorganisation of the company’s information sources, on a local level, and upstream from QlikView itself.

The solution implemented has approximately 70 users. In what concerns the implementation, about 4 months elapsed from kick-off to the first stable version launched in QlikView server. On an internal level, AbbVie has counted on the dedication of a headcount (Business Analytics) with ad-hoc intervention of stakeholders important for the application’s future acceptance (Sales and Marketing, General Direction – Sponsorship, Customer Excellence Direction, Distribution Chain).

Throughout the project, NOESIS team had a determinant role as AbbVie’s partner in charge of technical development and consultancy during the implementation process.

NOESIS still cooperates with AbbVie in developing new functions of the application and the growing interaction has generated the development of projects in other areas, potentiated also by the positive influence the use of QlikView has had in the company.



The project made it possible for AbbVie to:

  • Access the usage statistics of the tool, which are used by all areas of the company;
  • Centralise and organise all business information, accessing it in a simple and quick manner;
  • Abandon the submission of daily financial reports for all employees;
  • Abandon Excel documents that contained information on future orders, customer sales details, product sales details (monthly, weekly).

Besides centralising information, the solution allows for monitoring the business at your fingertips. It’s also possible to easily detail information, exploring problems and opportunities.

Complementing SAP Business One’s native abilities to present information, Insights offers unique functions in tracing, analysing and understanding of all business aspects, offering a competitive advantage in finding information for timely and informed decision making.

Cooperating with AbbVie since 2012, NOESIS is currently QlikView’s Portuguese branch Partner, while at the same time accompanies the needs for technological change faced by AbbVie.