Case Study

Case Studies

  • Service Operations
    Transforming Nearshore IT Operations & Managed Services

    Create the perfect environment for technological revolution with the development of an ecosystem for preventative and evolutive management of your infrastructure.

  • Automated Functional Testing; Quality Management
    Optimized Time-to-Market with AI Based Automated Functional Testing

    Discover the powerful benefits of AI Based Automated Functional Testing for the Retail Industry, resulting in higher ROI and optimized Time-to-Market.

  • Kramp; Low-Code; OutSystems
    Kramp: Simplified Shopping Experiences with Reactive Web Applications

    Discover the benefits of Low-Code for Higher ROI and assure a Seamless Customer Journey.

  • Lienas; Low-Code; OutSystems
    Lineas: Internal Request Management with Low-Code

    Discover the benefits of Low-Code for Higher Agility: Increase Service Quality and Productivity.

    Electricity Demand Forecasting and Notification System

    The management of energy consumption is essential for the competitiveness of companies. Being able to monitor these consumptions allows better control and management of costs. In this context, EDP approached Noesis to go beyond, by developing an energy consumption analysis and forecasting system for its B2B customers.

  • Medinfar, Pharma, Health
    Medinfar: Creating an automatic analytical ecosystem with QlikSense

    Explore real-time insights from your business and enhance data-driven decision making processes with a modern, scalable and transparent Business Intelligence system.

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