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Empowering Decisions with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

For business organizations, the importance of data has become well known. Time and resources are being poured into storage space and computing power so data can be collected across channels and platforms, but how do you act on that data? Noesis is answering that question with a collection of digital content. Read below and discover how you can unlock the potential of Big Data and AI.

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The Four Pillars of Big Data and AI Solutions

Big Data:

An Unstoppable Growth

Consider these statistics that illustrate the trajectory of big data:

Data creation and collection often increases exponentially. For instance, 40,000 Google search queries are performed per second, which makes it 3.46 million searches per day and 1.2 trillion every year.

In just 5 years the number of smart connected devices in the world will be more than 50 billion – all of which will create data that can be shared, collected and analyzed.

By 2020, the accumulated size of big data will increase from 4.4 zettabytes to roughly 44 zettabytes or 44 trillion GB. Yet, only 0.5% of all accessible data is analyzed and used. The potential is massive.


Big Data and AI – Putting It All Together

Discover the power of big data and AI today. Our use case discusses the four pillars of big data and AI with Microsoft Azure. Learn how predictive maintenance, data integration, recommendation systems and customer segmentation allows you to unlock the potential that hides in your existing data sets.


Big Data & Analytics – A Fresh Look at The Future of Business

Learn how to tackle the greatest challenge of the digital era: leveraging data. This issue affects retail companies, marketing departments, manufacturing companies, healthcare industry, digital media and others. Don’t be left behind as your competitors scramble to find tomorrow’s answers.

Big Data Misconceptions

Big data is only for large enterprises

All organizations, large and small, produce a vast amount of data that can be translated and analyzed. Certain industries are more familiar with data processes, but all businesses can benefit from smart data initiatives.


Big data brings on sweeping changes

Executives and stakeholders can be hesitant to try new data projects due to the misplaced fear or large scale changes that may occur. The truth is, data analysis allows you to weigh the specific costs of any idea before making any changes.


Big data is extremely sophisticated and nuanced

Big data for business doesn’t always require hiring a data scientist, and there’s no need to learn or understand any algorithms. Today’s processes have been fitted to easy-to-read spreadsheets and visualized data sets.


Big data is magic pill 

Don’t listen to vendors who say their big data solution is a turn-key solution for instant results, data concepts depend on variables and require personalization. Noesis evaluates each situation thoroughly before recommending any actions.


Webinar: Solving Tomorrow’s Data Challenges Today

Don’t wait on big data solutions with long implementation processes. Learn from our panel of experts about the potential big data and AI capabilities living beneath your existing data sets and processes.

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