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    DevOps tailored to any organization

    All Azure DevOps services are open and extensible, adaptable to different frameworks, platforms, and cloud environments. They can be used as an ecosystem - in a complete DevOps tool - or in addition to other services. The portfolio adapts to the needs of its teams and the objectives of the organization. Get to know the Noesis vision in an article by José Chang, Senior Manager of the DevOps area!

  • A Field Services' proactive service

    "In an increasingly dynamic and interconnected society in its activities, from simple to the most complex, a growing dependence on equipment and infrastructure arises to sustain the full functioning and success in execution." Learn in detail the opinion of Miguel Louro, Senior Manager of The Enterprise Solutions area of Noesis.

  • Outsystems on Azure

    To achieve full transformation, it is necessary to accelerate and streamline development. Increase performance in web and mobile development with OutSystems in Azure, achieving all the benefits of a low-code platform with the assurance of scalability and security. If you are looking for a solution for fast, sustainable, and scalable development, OutSystems on Azure can be the answer to this challenge.

  • The road to brand differentiation

    Miguel Louro, Senior Manager of Enterprise Solutions at Noesis, explains how “the path to brand differentiation in this industry lies in understanding consumers' expectations and viewpoints”.

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    Orchestration to speed up the Release Management process

    In most organizations, release management can become a frustrating, low-efficiency process due to coordination failures. The dispersion of information between different tools requires manual updating, generating bottlenecks, conflicts and delays about which the managers and teams involved are not properly visible. Discover the importance of orchestration in this process!

  • Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity?

    Artificial Intelligence is one of the key topics in technological panorama, as cybersecurity is an old theme in constant evolution. The combination of both is inevitable!

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