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We are a technological innovation consultancy company with a highly qualified team. Helping organisations move more quickly into digital transformation.

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Our Executive Team

Alexandre Rosa_CEO

Alexandre Rosa


Our CEO. Moved by good causes, it has in honesty and shares the main values for the achievement of Noesis objectives: helping your business grow faster. The satisfaction of customers, partners and talents Noesis and the contribution to a better society make him believe that technology could only be his world. Inspiration to innovate often comes from traveling around the world.

Nelson Pereira, CTO

Nelson Pereira


At Noesis since 2005, Nelson Pereira is the CTO of the organization and one of the pioneers in the Quality area. Innovation is its engine, launching constant challenges to the business management of Noesis in search of the best solutions. For Nelson, the Moon is a pit stop in the Milky Way. Nail deep into the accelerator towards digital transformation or on a go-kart track, speed is your escape to ... increase adrenaline.

Gentil Paganella

Gentil Paganella

Enterprise Application Integration Associate Director

With over 18 years of experience in software development, Gentil has dedicated the last 8 years to the area of systems integration and entrepreneurship.
Playing padel, dancing, playing the accordion, fishing, being with family and friends are his favorite hobbies when he is not focused on the IT world.
“Everything’s worth doing if the soul of the doer isn’t small.” by Fernando Pessoa, is the most inspiring quote that motivates him to “solve problems, to innovate and to make things happen”.

Jose Carlos Pereira

José Carlos Pereira

Low-Code Solutions Director

With 16 years of experience in IT consulting and a strong technical and commercial background, José was responsible for the creation and development of companies and business units dedicated to the Low-Code universe, in which he has been specializing for the past 10 years. He is the current Director of Noesis' Low-Code Solutions unit, with a team of more than 130 employees. In his spare time, he loves to practice sports and animal breeding.

José Ferreira, Associate Director Brazil

José Ferreira

Managing Director, Brazil

At Noesis for 10 years, José Ferreira has vast experience in test automation, Quality Assurance, DevOps & SCCM. Nowadays, he is Head of Brazil, leading Noesis's presence and teams in Rio de Janeiro.

José Pereira, Infrastructure Solutions Director

José Pereira

Infrastructure Solutions Director

With 20 years of experience in the Communications and High Tech industries, he specializes in transformation and scanning programs. In 2017, it embraced the challenge launched by Noesis: leading the area of Infrastructure Solutions. In his view, "resilience, agility, scalability and security are critical requirements in a Hybrid Infrastructure paradigm." Natural of Guimarães, is a big fan of golf.

Associate Director - DevOps & Automation and CoD

Licínio Antunes

DevOps & Automation Director

Strongly connected to IT and services for the past 20 years, Licínio Antunes now manages the DevOps & Automation unit as well as the Center of Development.

Luís de Castro, Finance & Controlling Director

Luís de Castro

Finance & Controlling Director

Since March 2017 at Noesis, Luís de Castro is passionate about management, financial analysis and negotiation. Luis, who foresees a continuous improvement of the organization, sustained by the hard and rigorous work of the teams, always tries to follow the motto "Push the limits & raise the bar". At leisure, he loves to be with his family, and the sports he most appreciates are rugby and equestrianism.

Luís Gonçalves Data Analytics & AI Associate Director

Luís Gonçalves

Data Analytics & AI Director

With a career of over 15 years in Business Intelligence, Luís Gonçalves joined the Noesis team in 2012. Today, as Director, he is responsible for the Data Analytics & AI unit of 40+ consultants and data scientists.

Micaela Gonçalves, Professional Services Director

Micaela Gonçalves

Professional Services Director

With a 17-year career in IT, and in Noesis since 2011, Micaela Gonçal; responsible for Professional Services. Looking to the future, that the PS area maintains its spirit, accompanying and streamlining the relationship with the consultants in a policy of trust with its clients. At leisure, she likes to travel and keep up with the latest trends in fashion.

Pedro Caria, Sales Director

Pedro Caria

Sales Director

With a career of over 20 years in the IT sector, Pedro Caria is Sales Director at Noesis since 2006. In the last 15 years he has performed functions in the commercial area, with close contact with customers. Currently he is leading the Noesis commercial team to the Portuguese market. A golf enthusiast, he is a fan of healthy living and sports, as well as a big fan of Pearl Jam. Goethe's quote: “Thinking is easy. Acting is difficult. Acting according to what we think, that is even more ”is one of his sources of inspiration.

Ricardo Rocha, Marketing & Communication Associate Director

Ricardo Rocha

Marketing & Communication Director

Marketeer with over 15 years of professional experience, Ricardo started his career at Advertising Agencies. His passion for the Digital and the IT world led him to work at Software Houses and IT Consultants before returning to Marketing and embracing the challenge of managing the Noesis Brand. His priority in his free time are his children but he also loves to travel and to read books on Management, Marketing and Biographies of great entrepreneurs.

Rodolfo Bravo Pereira, Managing Director, Netherlands

Rodolfo Bravo Pereira

Managing Director, Netherlands

At Noesis since 2011, he has more than 20 years in IT and is currently Managing Director at Noesis Netherlands. It is obsessed by the positioning of the Noesis brand on the podium of national technology and international reputation, relying on the Noesis talents in pursuing this mission. Driven by the mantra of 3Ps “Pasta, pasta, pasta”, is a critic of Inertia, trying the latest youth resources in the practice of Padel.

Rodolfo Luís Pereira, Enterprise Solutions Director

Rodolfo Luís Pereira

Enterprise Solutions Director

Albert Einstein's: "The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination" is his inspiration. The Director of Enterprise Solutions has 20 years of IT experience and believes that the future of the area goes through the natural ingenuity to present solutions aligned with the passion of the customers and stimuli of the market. In the free time, children are the priority, but also dedicates to DIY and gardening.

Teresa Lopes Gândara, Human Capital Director

Teresa Lopes Gândara

Human Capital Director

Our Director of Human Capital has more than 20 years in IT. Digital transformation has already reached its area, but along with the digital, it argues that the priority must remain in people and in their appreciation. "I want you to have the best professional experience possible at Noesis." He does not like the routine, but the motto will always be: "It does not matter. I try again. I fail again. Flaw better. "!

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