Digital transformation excellence

Quality management for your core Systems Implementation

Noesis has extensive experience in quality management for implementing and updating core systems such as ERP and CRM.

Our approach is based on quality assurance that accelerates software delivery by detecting and correcting errors early, avoiding delays and additional costs.

Additionally, we maintain control over your project through precise tracking of requirements and test results and creating automation that speeds up the current project and aids in future updates.

Are you looking for a Continuous Digital Transformation Program?

We actively work with leading business support technologies such as SAP, Salesforce, OutSystems, and Oracle.

Our achievements:

- 340+ business processes in the energy sector

- 270+ business processes in the retail sector

- 190+ business processes in telecommunications

- 73+ applications in OutSystems

This resulted in a total of over 430 integrations and 300 systems implemented.

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