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How to Get Better Results with Process Optimization

Roundtable Lisbon Data & AI Forum 2022


How to get better results with Process Optimization

Speakers: Carlos Machado Silva (CTT), Hugo Pontes (Credibom), Nuno Schiappa Cruz (NOS), Ricardo Henriques (EDP Comercial)

Moderator: João Sá da Costa (Noesis)

Most of the time, the implementation of standard processes in companies can represent an obstacle to their growth. Have you ever thought about this? 

To discuss the topic, at a round table of the Lisbon Data & AI Forum 2022, we gathered the people responsible for transforming reference companies in the Portuguese market, both for their digital

leadership and by adapting to new business models. 

4 companies, 4 different sectors, but with a common business goal: to implement an efficient business flow through digitization and automation of products and services.

(Session in Portuguese)

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