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AI with a Human touch

Empowering people through technology

Moderator: Feranndo Bação (Nova IMS)

 Speakers: Fernando Ilharco (Universidade Católica); Luís Xavier (Abreu) ; Patricia Mestre (Microsoft); Ricardo Ramos (Qlik)

Embark on the insightful journey of 'AI with a human touch: Empowering people through technology' at the Lisbon Data & AI Forum! 
In this roundtable, explore diverse perspectives of AI from renowned experts:
-Delve into the historical context and ethical dimensions of AI;
- Understand legal responsibilities and the call for regulations;
- Demystify AI: Explore tech advancements and their impact on jobs;
-  Navigate AI's influence on marketing and uncover success strategies;
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 (Session in Portuguese)



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